About Us

Founded in 2002, AM 5 Consulting Impex LTD is a consulting company working in the fields of occupational health and security in work, risk assessments and occupational diseases and preventing and firefighting services.

Our company`s desire since its beginning has been to provide the highest quality services at the highest standards, to improve your work conditions with innovative solutions using our consulting specific programs.

AM 5 Consulting Impex LTD’s mission is to support our customers to develop tailored programs to the specifics of each company, meeting legal requirements and regulations in force.

AM 5 Consulting Impex LTD`s addresses to all categories of companies, operating as an external service that implements and carries out regular activities of occupational health and security at work, risk assessment and occupational diseases and prevention and firefighting services.

Our organization’s staff consists of experts with many years of experience in the areas where we operate. The organization pays special attention to the training of the company’s consultants, to offer high quality services to our beneficiaries.

We work with more than 150 Romanian companies, leaders in their business segments. Our company has been operating on the consultancy market for more than 15 years and the staff consists of professionals with up to 30 years of work in the field of occupational health and security at work.

We actively participated in over 300 inspections carried out by the Teritorial Labor Inspectorate and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and solved over 200 cases of work accidents.

The role of professionals charged with the occupational health and security at work is to put in security, the health and the worker`s life. The fines given by the authorities pale in comparison to the idea that a worker suffered an accident at work resulting in permanent and irreversible disability. Or even death.

Specialists in occupation health and security at work can help to evaluate correctly and comprehensively the risks that the company`s workers are subject to. They also can help your company to develop measures that all employees must respect for completely eliminating or decreasing the maximum the evaluated risks.

The same occupational and security at work specialists can help detect the situations which may lead to occupational diseases, work-related diseases and accidents at work.

I do not know if I convinced that no firm should operate without experts in occupational health and security at work. I strongly hope that, because they are the only ones protecting workers’ lives. Accountants protect your finances, skilled labor laws protect the quality and fairness of employment, salespeople protects your revenue, but only occupation health and security at work specialists are protecting the safety and health of your workers, the lives of people with whom we work daily.