Occupational Health and Security at Work Services

Drafting instructions for completing and / or applicating of rules of health and security at work, taking into account the activities and the unit / company and the jobs / workstations and their distribution in the enterprise and / or unit only after being approved by the employer;

Proposing duties and responsibilities in health and security at work, to employees, according to their jobs functions, which are written in the job description document approved by the employer;

Check assimilation and implementation by all workers of the measures specified in the prevention and protection plan, of the instructions, and the responsibilities and duties in the field of occupational health and security at work set out in the job description;

Elaborating of the necessary documentation with technical information and training of workers in occupational health and security at work;

Developing themes for all phases of training, determination, in writing, periodicity appropriate training for each job in its instructions, providing information and training for workers in health and safety at work and check endorsement and application by workers of information received;

Develop training – testing program across the enterprise and / or establishment;

Ensure preparation of the action plan in the event of serious and imminent danger, and ensuring that all employees are trained in application thereof;

Evidence of high risk areas and specific;

Establishing areas that require a safety and health at work, the timing and location of signaling required according to the Government Decision no. 971/2006 regarding minimum requirements for the provision of safety and / or health at work;

Professions trades and evidence provided by specific legislation, which requires the authorization of their exercise;

Evidence workstations that require additional medical examinations;

Evidence workstations based on clinical occupational medicine, require aptitude tests and / or periodic psychological control;

Monitoring systems functioning and protection devices, apparatus measurement and control, as well as ventilation installations or other equipment to control pollutants in the work environment;

Checking the operation of alarm systems, warning, emergency signaling and safety systems;

Internal controls at workplaces to inform, in writing, the employer of deficiencies found and the measures proposed to remedy them;

Preparing reports and / or lists in government decisions, including those related to asbestos, vibrations, noise and temporary and mobile sites;

Evidence of work equipment and follow the periodic checks and, if appropriate, periodic testing of work equipment be made by competent persons according to the Government Decision no. 1146/2006 on the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers work;

Identify personal protective equipment necessary for enterprise workstations and preparation necessary to equip workers with personal protective equipment, according to Government Decision no. 1048/2006 on the minimum safety and health requirements for the use by workers of personal protective equipment at work;

Maintenance tracking, handling and storage of appropriate personal protective equipment and their replacement deadlines, and in other cases stipulated by Government Decision no. 1048/2006;

Tracking the implementation of measures taken by the labor inspectors, during control visits and research events;

Working with workers and / or workers’ representatives, Services of external prevention and protection, occupational physician, in order to coordinate the prevention and protection measures;

Working with designated workers / internal services / external services / other employers in the event that more employees work in the same job;

The proposal of sanctions and incentives to workers on the basis of fulfilling the obligations and responsibilities in health and safety at work;

Motion clauses on safety and health at work at the conclusion of service contracts with other employers, including those concluded with foreign employers;

Elaboration of a necessary material means for carrying out these activities. Other activities necessary / specific safety and health of workers at work. Activities related to workers’ health surveillance will be carried out in accordance with Article 24 and 25 of tie 319/2006.