Services of evaluation of risk factors and occupational disease

Identifying risks of injury and / or illness to workers, workplaces / workstations;

Evaluation of occupational hazards to which workers are exposed to jobs / workstations;

Plan for prevention and protection, their company, based on risks of injury and occupational disease risks identified jobs / workstations, the activities and work equipment used in the company’s occupational risk assessment.

The risk assessment on the safety and health at work in the undertaking and / or establishment, including sensitive risk groups, should be reviewed, at least in the following situations:

a) whenever there are changes or changes in terms of technology, work equipment, substances or preparations used and arranging job / work stations;

b) after the occurrence of an event;

c) the finding omission risks or the emergence of new risks;

d) the use of the workstation by a worker belonging to particularly sensitive risk groups; e) the execution of special works.